Little Nest Shared Care

When you decide that having a Doula is right for you, you can benefit from the experience of two Doulas by opting for a shared care arrangement.

This means that both Melanie and Lexi will work with you, providing you with the benefit of all of our knowledge, skills, experience and training to offer you the very best of support packages.

Between us we will provide you with:

A FREE no-obligation meeting with us both, to get to know us and see if the ‘chemistry’ feels right for you (and your partner). Then if you decide to go ahead, we will:

  • Meet you twice prior to your birth (you’ll have one meeting with Melanie and one with Lexi so that we can get to know each other individually as well)
  • Be in regular contact with you to support you through your pregnancy with any questions or concerns you may have
  • Be on call from week 38 of your pregnancy up to week 42
  • Be with you throughout your birth experience (both of us or one of us as you wish)
  • Visit you twice after the birth to support you with breastfeeding, baby wearing and any other support you may need.

Please contact us for more information or to arrange your FREE no-obligation meeting.